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Creating NOVAPROFIL in 1999 by Norbert M.MONTOYA.
Novaprofil aims to serve key sectors, consumer nonferrous major European markets.

With our expertise, we are able to offer materials suitable for your every need.
Novaprofil offers a wide range of copper and its alloys, processed rolled products, tubes, flats.

1300 m2 of surface of storage.

100 M2 of the offices.

devoted to the fonctionement chek of NOVAPROFIL.





NOVAPROFIL SOCIETY having more and more customers in the automotive and other high-tech sectors had

to obtain a certification and get closer to standards by completing the database computer incumbent automobile IMDS.

Today, the company is an entity NOVAPROFIL in the distribution of non-ferrous metals. these roots are born from the desire to Norbert MONTOYA to bring the technical expertise and the distribution of specific and appropriate to the client's desire .

Novaprofil perpetual aims to support its customers both in finding the best product for its production, either in the optimization of production tools, and assisting in the creation of prototype parts and tools for industrial machinery.

Since its inception, NOVARPOFIL does not cease evolving and developing on the market for the distribution of non-ferrous metals. NOVARPOFIL is in constant search for improvement or optimization for the benefit of its customers and future customers.
Each year, new projects are designed to provide solutions to shorten the production time, delivery will provide metal more specific and answering a request.


NOVAPROFIL becoming increasingly powerful and internationale.the decision was taken to change the logo to be more representative of the state of mind of the company, products and services offered.


Creating Novaprofil.

Construction of a storage building and commercial office.

Construction and equipment of a metallurgical laboratory.

Extension of the storage surface.



NOVAPROFIL - 68 chemin de pan perdu - ZA des 4 buissons - 38230 TIGNIEU - FRANCE

TEL : + 33 (0) 4 72 46 33 39 - FAX : + 33 (0) 4 78 32 01 15